Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to paint with water

Movement in a still photos can easily be captured. Did you ever wonder how you get the milky effects in flowing or moving water that you can see on some landscape photos?

It is all about exposure. The longer the exposure the more the water flowing by is creating a reflection captured by the camera. This is painting little dots of light that eventually form a washed out effect. The longer the exposure the more washed out the effect.

You just need a good tripot, a remote shutter release and off you go. In low light you can use exposure times of 1 or more seconds that will give you this unreal result. Experiment a little. Especially with a digital camera you can play with differerent settings. If light is too bright you can use 1 or more grey filters that lower the amount of light that goes through the lense.

Have a look at my website for some examples of this effect: