Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Customise Lightroom Galleries to fit to your Webdesign

Do you want to generate HTML Galleries directly from Adobe Lightroom that have the look and feel of your website? I had to dig around for a few hours to find out how to do it. Here I like to share this information with you . I hope it will help.

Step 1 
o Note all the directories below are windows 7 and vista. Not sure where Adobe stores this stuff in Mac or other windows versions. You will have to dig around a bit to find it.
o Go to Programfiles\Adobe\AdobeLightroam <your current version>\shared\webengines
o Copy the directory with your preferred style to directory c:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming\adobe\lightroom\webgalleries
o Rename the Directory to <something>.lrwebengine
o Open the file <something>.lrwebengine\galleryInfo.lrweb in a text editor (dont use a word processor as it sometimes adds hidden characters and screws up the file - Notepad will do)
o Find the following tag: "title = LOC "$$$/AgWPG/Templates/HTML/Title=" and change the name to what you like to call the new style. Example: title = LOC "$$$/AgWPG/Templates/HTML/Title=AD Photography HTML Gallery" 
o In the next line change the ID tag. I just added a 1 at the end. Example: id = "com.adobe.wpg.templates.jardinePro1",
o Reboot Lightroom
o In the webgallery you should now find a new Layout style with the name that you gave in the title tag
o You know have a copy that you can customise
o Customise the file Head.html
o This file contains the header, links to the style sheets and defines the basic page. 
o The file contains code in the body that the Lightroom uses to generate the file. 
o I updated the file with my background image. 
o Moved the basic table framework including my common links to the rest of my webpage and the Javascript for my Menu into this file. 
o I left all existing content intact except for the title and subtitles that I removed. 
o I formatted the title in same way the rest of my website is formatted.
o It is a bit fiddely to get the formatting right, but with a little bit of trial and error and regenerating the Gallery you can get this to work fine. 

See the end result at: