Sunday, May 18, 2014

Great Entrance of the Bridal Party and How to Say No

This is certainly one of the more interesting entrances of the bridal party that I have seen in my years as one of the Central Coast Wedding Photographers. I am sure there was a lot practicing required in order to coordinate a Bridal Party of 16.

How many? 16? The question here really is: How many is too many in the bridal party? The answer to this question is really up to your personal taste. If you think the more the merrier and your budget allows the frocks, dresses and accessories for a complete soccer team - Go for It!

However, more often than not it comes down to the issue that brides to be are not able to say No. It is probably the hardest thing to decide who shall have the honour to be walk with you on your special day. There are many friendships that you would like to honour with a spot in your bridal party, but when do you have to say no and how best can you do it?

Many friendships went into a dipper over this very question. I remember when I got married we were on a strict budget with a beautiful but small venue. As a result we had to say no to many people and one of my wife's friends became quite cross not be invited. As a result she wasn't speaking to my wife for a couple of years.

Unfortunately, this a fact of life. The first approach is always to talk to the friends that you know expect to be included and discuss the issue that you are having. Most true friends will always be understanding that you do not have an open wallet and you will have to make the decision for limited spots.

Secondly, whilst including someone in your bridal party is a special acknowledgement of the friendship you share it is not the only way you can let your friends know how much you appreciate them. For example you can include them in your wedding planning adventure, invite them to bridal showers and of course the hens night and let them be part of the fun.

Some friends might be craving to help so you can create little jobs and special responsibilities that they might want to do. Invite them along when you go out looking for dresses, wedding photographers or celebrants.

If after all your friend does not support you the question is how good a friend the really are. In any case most of the time little disappointments heal over. In the case of my wife and her friend the issue lasted a while and they are back to sharing a great friendship. Life is like this, so don't be afraid to say NO.  

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