Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wedding Disaster Video makes worlds most amazing videos

Wedding Disasters are something I have seen in my 8 years as a Wedding Photographer in Sydney. There are the most fascinating glitches that can stress out the a bride or give the mother of the bride a heart attack.

Most of the little pitfalls are less harmful then the one in this movie. I have seen the groom not fitting in his shirt, Groomsmen totally drunk and disorderly before the ceremony, groomsmen forgetting their shoes or even their trousers.

At my wedding the weather was questionable so I left my mobile on to talk to my wife in case of executing Plan B if it rains. Big mistake in the middle of the Vows the bloody thing went off. A friend from Germany wanted to congratulate. He certainly was the first to do so :)

All pretty funny when you think about it later but very stressful or embarrassing at the time. The result is that brides and grooms get stressed on top of the normal stresses of a wedding such as ceremonies and speeches.

Most of this can be avoided easily by planning and organising the event properly. I always suggest that you hire someone for the day who is the go to person for all issues questions and everything that needs organising. Whilst most brides today organise their weddings themselves which I think is a lot of fun they end up being the sole focal point for any organisational questions on the day. Try to avoid that.

The great tool that you can use is a Wedding Planning App. The eVWe Planner is one of the best wedding planning apps that you find on the Android Market. The app comes with very comprehensive checklist and tasks that you should consider and lets you manage your Guests and Suppliers.

The best feature is a very strong budgeting tool that is more like a financial report of how much money you can spend, what your budget is and how you actually spend it. As soon as you shortlist,  book or pay a supplier the budget sheet is automatically updated which takes all the pain out of managing your financial committment.

The other great thing about Event and Wedding Planner is that yu do not through it away after your wedding is complete. You can organise any type of event with it; whether you organise a birthday party, a ball, a charity event, a marketing or sales conference or larger concerts or Corporate events you can re-use the app and the data that you gathered such as long standing supplier relationships.

You can find out more on the eVWe Event and Wedding Planning Website - or you can download the app from Google Play under Event and Wedding Planners.

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