Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trash The Dress? Or what should I do with the Wedding Dress ?

A Wedding Dress in most cases is a very unique garment that most Brides wear only once in their lifetime. In the olden days people would get the dress cleaned after the Wedding and put away smothered in Moth Balls. Often the Wedding Dress would be handed down a generation or two or would be destroyed in some natural disaster.

In the last few years a new trend emerged that offered a simple solution: Trash the dress? Trash he dress is a fantastic photo opportunity where you and the photographer can get creative and create

some amazing photos with the bride wearing the dress. As you can see in the photos a lot of this involves water and the beach.

25 Creative Trash the Dress Wedding Photography: Posing Ideas for the Bride

The upside off trashing the dress is that you get some really amazing images to add to your Wedding album and you do not store the dress for decades, not to mention that you will have to move every time you change address.

Let's be honest will you ever wear the dress ever again? However, call me old fashioned, stingy or just sentimental to me trashing a beautiful dress that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars seems to

be a waste.

What are the alternatives if we don't want to go traditional and drag the thing through life? For starters there is always eBay or similar local sites such as Gumtree were we can auction the dress or sell it outright. This way the dress comes to good use and helps another bride to save a few dollars. There are also specialised sites such as or  where you an sell either locally or globally.

trash the dress!! Totally gonna do this I love all trash the dress ideas I've seen:))

If you do not want the hassle of selling, donating the dress to one of the Charities or to a Charity shop such as St Vincent De Paul or Salvation Army is a nice way to help some less fortunate people in need. 

Last but not least you can buy the dress with the end in mind. Some Beautiful dresses will make beautiful Ballroom frogs once you have them dyed in a colour of your choice. You might also consider some alterations that turn your wedding dress into a formal dress that you can continue to use for many years. 

No matter what you will do with your wedding dress it is a beautiful gown that I think needs some TLC. Trashing it for me is only an option if it was trash in the first place and who wants that? 

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