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Wedding Proposals - Ideas, Do and Don't

This clip is an example for a great Wedding Proposal that your partner would remember forever. Starts a bit cruel, but turns into an eye watering sensation. But not everyone can afford a full fletched support crew including a producer in the background. Let's talk about some ideas how to pop the question...

You have been with your partner for some time now and you are so deeply in love that you want to continue into eternity and never stop feeling this way. Now is the time to think of the future and to take the next step and propose to the one and only person who you want in your life forever.

The question is how to pop the question. There are millions of romantic ideas to ask the question. Let's categorise a few of them.
  • Romantic dinner
  • The Get Away
  • Special Date Proposals
  • Fancy Idea Proposals
  • Singing Proposals
  • Public Proposals
Romantic Dinner Proposal
When you propose you need to make the decision whether you want to make it a public affair or have a more intimate moment with you and your partner when asking the big question. In the end proposing to marry someone is a very intimate moment between 2 people and what could be better than the traditional romantic dinner. Find a lovely restaurant that is not too busy and that both of you like and ask the question.

How much preparation you want to put in is up to you. There are many good Ideas that you can combine into this traditional form of proposal. Find a few great videos a bit further down or check out You Tube.

The Get Away
Whisking your love away from daily life over a weekend is a great date to start with. A beautiful setting in a nice hotel, bed and breakfast or even camping changes your mood from "Day to Day" routine to something special automatically. Whatever you and your partner fancy the most make a booking and pop the question while there.

Special Date Proposals
There are many special dates that are just perfect for proposals. As a couple you might have a special day of your own. Something like the day you first laid eyes on your partner or the day you first kissed are great days to propose on. Other popular days are Christmas, Easter, Hanuka and of course Valentine's Day.

I proposed to my wife on Christmas day. I bought a beautiful ring, a Teddy and a nice box to put it in. Then I sewed the ring to the Teddy's collar like a piece of jewelry and packed it as a Christmas present. In the Christmas card I popped the question. She was a bit taken back getting a Teddy wasn't her kind of Christmas Present and she didn't find the ring at first although it was right in front of her. Anyway, 15 years later still a great memory.

Fancy Idea Proposals
My Idea with the Teddy is certainly different to just getting on your knee with a ring in your hand and then because of Arthritis not getting back up. (Make note: Depending on your age certain ideas might not be suitable :). There are many more really great ideas like using a caricaturist drawing a picture of you and your partner with the question on it; a sky writer; newspaper ads and so on. You can find many great ideas here

Singing Proposals
There are many songs that are about marriage proposals. If you love singing and don't mind standing in front of a few people performing a singing proposal can be really special. You could use your next trip to the Karaoke Bar for your proposal or you could get the mike of a DJ in the Nightclub with some background music supporting your effort or you could go acapella in a restaurant or at a party.

Some word of caution. Whilst you love singing you might not be particularly good at it. It can be very cute and it might make you all the more lovable, but it can backfire. So make sure you rehearse well.

Public Proposals
Singing proposals are one form of going public when you ask your big question. There are many others such as sporting events, billboards, theatrical performances or even TV Shows. A proposal like this is something that you and your partner will never forget. However it comes with some risks as you can see in the next video about epic proposal fails.

I am not a big fan of public proposals and let me tell you why. Firstly it is not everybody's thing to stand and perform in front of a crowd. Unless your partner is kind of an extrovert this is not such a great idea. Secondly, you are putting your partner in the spotlight. You must understand that this is quite a substantial change to your and your partner's life that they might not be able to answer straight away. It took my wife a day to make up her mind.

What are they supposed to do when being put on the spot? Saying no requires a lot of courage in front of a crowd. So you are really pressuring them into something they might not be ready for yet or haven't thought about. Make absolutely sure that your partner shares your feeling about a life together before you go down this path.

Make it Special for Your Partner
When making the decision on how to propose firstly think about your partner. Make it special for them. All too often we forget this very simple fact. For example: I love camping, but my wife is more of a Five Star kind of girl. So going camping might not be the best solution, but whisking her to a nice Bed & Breakfast in Kangaroo Valley might be a better option.

Ring or No Ring
Traditional wedding proposals where a man proposes to a woman usually have a ring involved. I think in these cases buying a nice ring is appropriate for the occasion. However, in these days selecting an engagement ring might be something that you might want to make a joined experience after she said yes. That way she can pick a ring that she likes. After all she will be wearing it for a long time. In this case you could buy something different that can remind her of this special occasion eg Pandora Jewelry or something funny that has meaning to you both. In any case keep the receipt for the ring if you do not hit her taste.

Should you Get a Photographer
Your wedding proposal is a special occasion that you might want to capture with video and photography. There are many good wedding photographers and wedding videographers that can help you with this professionally. Just contact them and they can help you with a video production like the one in the next movie.

Despite the many failed proposals on You Tube most proposals have a happy ending and are moment in your life you will never forget. Enjoy the moment!

Here are some more videos to get inspiration from:

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